We are a local trucking and excavating business serving Owensboro and the surrounding area. Fully licensed and insured. Commercial and Residential excavating, top soil, grading, drainage, site preparation.
CONTACT US: 270-314-6779

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Who we are

Billy Joe Gaddis has been in the excavating business from the time he was 12 years old. He is a the third generation in a long line of excavators. The Gaddis family has been serving Owensboro and the surrounding areas since the 1940's. He has enjoyedworking alongside his father, his two brothers, his sister, and now his son. The Gaddis family prides themselves on being a family oriented business and are knowledgable and experienced in their line of work.

Located in Owensboro

We offer our services to Owensboro and the surrounding areas. We offer: Commercial, Industrial & Residential Excavating, Top Soil, Grading, Bulldozing, Site Preparation, Seeding & Mulching, Drainage Contractor, Land Clearing & Leveling, Concrete breaking & sawing, Demolition & Parking lots, to name a few. Call us with any inquiries!